One year on

By Rachel

Well it has almost been a year since things went south quickly. I had to leave the state I was living in due to threats made by an ex, thankfully I had met a fantastic man and partner who I have been living with for close to a year in Queensland.

Unfortunately I could not bring Phoenix or Zara with me. Phoenix is with family and Zara was re-homed via a good friend and is living on a property with other dogs to play rough with.

It has been almost a year since I left my life and there hasn’t been a day where I have not missed my Phoenix and it is getting worse. This morning my partner started talking about getting Phoenix up here, but first I need to find a house with a yard and that will allow a dog.

I really hope that we can make this happen, I need my Phoenix, if I had my way I would drive down and pick him up now.


Today one of mum’s friends from that facebook thing and that Husky Forum thing came for a visit. And she brought with her an 8 month old ball of red and white fluff, named Bella. IT WAS SO FUN!

We chased, we wrestled, we messed up mum’s bed, we had fish and chips for lunch after all going out for a walk together, mum let the Jessica lady walk Phoenix so she could see what walking two was like. There were lots of other dogs out as well.

We almost got some beef filled smoked hooves but they were yukky and MOULDY! so mum took them back off us and gave as a carrot instead, i ended up with all of them because Phoenix and Bella didn’t want to eat hers… honest… mum said i could have them.

Anyway before we post pictures and video, mum didn’t get very many done. You will notice that we have moved back to our old house. Apparently mum’s new mate didn’t work out so we moved back here. but now here are some pictures and video of some of our fun. The Jessica lady has more on her phone camera thing as well.


I called the vets office yesterday morning to check up on her, we were just waiting for her to go to the toilet to make sure that everything was normal back there, and i got the all clear to pick her up at 1pm, even though she still hadnt gone, the vet was very happy with her.

So I got there, spoke to the vet about finishing her antibiotics and her bland diet and ofcourse the bill which including the $500 i already payed comes to $2,091.40.

and then they brought her out to me, the scrambling across the floor was funny, and she was jumping up trying to lick me so i knelt down and she pushed me over and was standing on me licking my face… i think she was happy to see me…

she was super excited she didnt know what to do in the car, she would be standing up looking around and then she would snuggle into me for cuddles and then get up again, when we got home, i took her to the fence to see Phoenix before letting her into the house, she sprinted through the house to the back door, so i let her outside, and she had a drink and usual greeting of Phoenix.

after getting my son inside and collecting the chicken from the car i went out to watch them… within 10mins of being home she found a place on the grass and did what we were waiting for, and it was all normal.

so YAY!!! my pupsqueak is home!!!

8 days spent at the vets.

Phoenix has gone back to grumpy old man since i brought her home as well.

cant tell that he misses Zara can you…

Paws crossed

For those of you who are not on Facebook or the Husky Owner’s forum… here is what has been happening lately…

Thursday 11:57AM
Zara got in trouble today. She hasnt been well the last few days and yesterday she was throwing up grass.

Last night she was retching so I put them both outside for the night but when I let them in this morning only Phoenix came inside and I couldnt find Zara.

When I did find her she was stuck between the back fence and the back room. I couldn’t get her from my side, so I went to the person who lived behind me and she was nice and let me dig along her back fence to see if her legs were stuck under it. They weren’t.

I called the council thinking animal control would be able to help but the council woman said they couldn’t do anything and try the fire department. So I called them and they were there in 20mins.

They had to pull off some panels of the fence to get her but we got her out finally.

But on the way back home she squatted and a mix of poo and blood squirted out.

I got home and called my mum to get her to come take us to the vet. My sister came and took my son to school for me and I let Zara have a drink while I waited.

We got her to the vet and he thinks it might be acute gastro and he is keeping her for 24 hours and putting her on a fluid iv and antibiotics and possibly do blood work as well. She has lost weight and has a temperature.

Hopefully she will be ok. Vet said it is going to cost me between $300-$500 which has to be paid when/if I can pick her up tomorrow.

Please keep fingers and paws crossed for her

Thursday 3:27pm
I just got off the phone to the vet and they think she has Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis (HGE)

She has been up and moving around but is very flat and hasn’t had another lot of diareah since she has been there. She is still on the iv and they said we just have to wait and see

Thursday 8:10pm
Phoenix is fine and zooming around like his usual self, he got cooked mince meat tonight because my son decided he wanted other stuff for dinner so it was in the fridge a little long. Phoenix licked it, jumped back, licked it again and looked at me as if to say “why did you give me something that i have to wait to eat?”

going to be weird not having Zara to snuggle up to tonight

Friday 6:16pm
i called the vet this morning and it isnt good.

the shock has worn off apparently he found it hard to get the needle in for the catheter and also had trouble with her blood pressure but that is ok now.

bad news over night there was more blood discharge so he wants to keep her in for another 24 hours.

i not long got home and called again because i had no credit on my phone and she is doing ok but she was trying to throw up earlier and there was a little more discharge, the nurse i spoke to has a red and white Sibe so she is taking good care of her for me. she is also getting the vet to call me back and tell me what is happening, i should hopefully get his call within the next hour.

Found this: http://www.hemorrhagicgastroenteritis.com/

Friday 7:29pm
from facebook because i dont know what else to say

vet said that she is still bleeding, she had a sever infection and there were no white blood cells left in her blood! she is on three different antibiotics and the biggest problem, they close at 12 tomorrow for the weekend so they are talking of transporting her to Werribee!!!

Werribee is half an hour away and they mean the vet college

This is where they want to send my baby!!!!! http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/dogs-operated-on-then-killed/story-e6frf7kx-1111116046017

Saturday 9:57am
i called this morning and spoke to Casey the vet nurse again who is taking good care of my baby since she has one herself, and she said that Zara was doing much better. there was a little diareah over night and that there was only a little blood which she said could just have been a little seepage.

just waiting on the vet to check on her and call me, i am hopeful that they let her come home today with antibiotics.

also going to give the nurse the address for her so maybe she will join us 🙂 we had a nice chat about Zara being crate trained which apparently explained why she waited to throw up and go to the toilet until she was outside and then we moved on to talk about how they sleep, apparently her boy likes to sleep on his back.

hopefully the vet calls soon and i get good news

Saturday 10:21am
ok so the vet (Jon) called me.

Jon who owns the practice wants to keep her in over the weekend.

apparently the other guy assumed that he wouldnt be around over the weekend which is why he was talking about moving her. but Jon told me he just got back from leave and he isnt going anywhere except the footy this afternoon. so YAY she isnt being moved. and he said that she is improving and the diareah isnt spraying as much but he still wants to keep an eye on her and that if anything happens he will call me on my mobile.

so i am to call back on Monday morning and see what is happening.

i cannot stress enough if your dog has blood in their vomit or has diareah with blood in it. get them to the vet ASAP! because HGE will kill them if not treated. i am very thankful that i got Zara to the vet as quickly as i did.

So that has been the past few days for us, tomorrow is Monday, after i drop my son off at school i will be going to my mums house to call the vet and find out if i can bring her home. Sorry for the status update like posts i didnt know what more to say.

To start with, Phoenix was using Zara as a pillow, and then Zara turned Phoenix into a footrest.

Check out the size difference between them.

Sleepy Sibe


I think she has been paying attention to Rusty and putting her own spin on not sleeping on the ground.

Phoenix from 2009

Mum was talking on facebook and put up a picture of me from 2009 and has now decided that it might be nice to put together a post from pictures from over the last few years. Let’s see how she goes shall we.

New Toys!

Because of my new nickname…. destructopup mum went out today finally in a break in the weather managed to go to the big store and come back with new toys and lots of yummy dog food.

I got a new big girl Kong and mum got some treats to put in it, though they didnt have the special Kong ones.

I got a non squeaky squeaky bone, the turbo kid got me a dud.

and I got a minty rope bone.

mum got video of it when she got home and put the treats in the Kong and gave it to me. I wasnt really interested in the other toys of course. I wanted the treats!